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It's the vendors responsibility to know what amps their items use and plan accordingly.  Each electrical outlet is 7-10 amps.  If you have one item that pulls 10 amps, that would be the ONLY item you can plug in.  If you have 2 items that pull 3amps each, that would be okay.  

There will be ZERO warnings for those who trip the electrical outlets and cause outage for others.  

If you have so much power running through the electrical outlet, you will not be allowed to use the electric.  There will be no refunds.  It's the vendors responsibility to know what amps their items use and plan accordingly.  

Please double check large items such as fryers, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, etc. for the power they require.

Is this an annual festival?  

What is the attendance at the festival?
It is estimated that several thousand people are in attendance.  

How do apply to be a vendor?
Go HERE to download the info and application.  

How do I know if I've been accepted as a vendor?
Your cancelled check serves as confirmation.  Any vendors not accepted will receive notification by email and/or mail.

Is there an online application?No, there is only a paper form.  

What does "first rights" mean?
Last years vendors get "first rights" to return to the festival.  After the set date, the type/ business is open to other vendors.  {For example:  if the Tupperware Vendor from last year cannot attend this year, then the Tupperware
 spot is open.}

Can I add or remove items that I'll be selling/bringing?
Yes, please send us an email so we can make sure we do not have duplicates or allow someone else to bring said items.  

Will there be other vendors like my business/items I have at the festival?
That depends on what you will be offering.  We do our best to limited like food items (just one or two snow cone vendors and funnel cakes, etc.).  Some booths will give away free items and we do not limit that (ie: free water).  

Is the festival held rain or shine?
Yes. The festival continues rain or shine. In the event of a severe thunderstorm, we may postpone or move certain events to another area for safety reasons. Local police and fire departments are consulted regarding severe weather.

Does the festival provide tables or chairs?
No, vendors need to provide their own tables, chairs, signs, etc.  The festival is providing the space.  All items need to be brought by the vendors.  

Can I pick my spot at the festival?
No.  There are certain spaces that those with electric can be placed, so we work around those spaces.  The festival committee takes into consideration the electric needs, items, other vendors and more when placing vendors in their space.  Vendors receive their booth space at check-in only.                           
Can I have the same spot as last year?
We do our best to honor requests, but cannot guarantee them.  Make note on the application or by email and we will do our best to be accommodating. 
I have a food truck. Am I a commercial vendor?

I don't have a store front business, but I do rent a booth inside of a business.  Am I commercial?

I'm from out of town, where can I stay?
  • Super 8 Hotel - Website, 913-721-3877
Is there a local campground?
Cottonwood Camping - Website, 913-422-8038

Is there security overnight?
There is no overnight security, however the on-duty police officers will patrol the downtown areas throughout the night.  

Do vendors leave their items at their space overnight?
That is at the discretion of the vendor.  Some vendors will leave some or all of their items overnight depending on what items they have.  Some vendors will bring sides to their tent and secure their booth as much as possible.  The city, organizers and chamber is not responsible for theft or damage of property.

Can vendors bring their own generators?
No, all electricity must be purchased through the festival. No outside generators are allowed - regardless of size or noise level.

Where do I find the KCBS Rules?  
The KCBS Website is www.kcbs.us.  The 2017 rules can be downloaded there or HERE.  

How can my team register for the competition?
Go HERE to download the info and registration form.

How many years has the BBQ Competition taken place? 
2017 marks the 10th year!

Is this competition sanctioned by KCBS?
Yes, Smokin' on Oak is a Kansas City Barbeque Society Sanctioned Competition and this is a State Championship qualifier. 

How many teams are there?
There will be a minimum of 26 teams to comply with the KCBS Rules.  We do not plan to have more then 42 teams.  

Can I have a pellet smoker?
Yes, we follow the KCBS rules and guidelines.  KCBS allows pellet smokers.  

Do I have to be registered with KCBS to compete in the competition? 
No, your team is not required to be a KCBS team.   


What is there to do at Tiblow Days?
A full schedule will be posted closer to the festival. There is a Parade, one or two nights of Concert/Musical Entertainment, Stage Entertainment, KCBS Sanctioned BBQ Competition, Carnival, Vendor Shopping, Food Vendors, Car Show, Community Pinewood Derby, 5K race, and More!

Where do I park?
There is parking surrounding the downtown area.  There is no dedicated parking.  Please be mindful of closed streets and pedestrians.                                               
Is there a lost and found?
During the Festival, return found items or look for lost items at the Information booth at the Gazebo (next to the Caboose). After the Festival, click HERE to inquiry about lost items. Valuables will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity. The Bonner Springs-Edwardsville Chamber of Commerce or City of Bonner Springs will not be held liable for any unclaimed items.

Are adult beverages allowed in the park?
No outside adult beverages are allowed.  A beer garden is available during certain hours. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into or taken outside of this designated area.                                              
Are pets allowed at Tiblow Days?
Yes, however please consider leaving your wonderful pet at home.  There are numerous people, children, loud noises (carnival, children, vehicles, music, etc.).  Your beloved pet might enjoy a quiet time at home instead. 

How does my organization or business walk in the parade?
Go HERE to download the registration form. 

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